Let’s Talk: The Zany Grandma’s Birthday Present

Ready for another Zany Grandma story?!?

The beginning of July marked another birthday for me. This is a story of my grandma’s birthday present to me.

My grandma typically gives her grandkids collectibles for holidays and birthdays. Yes, she still believes collectibles will be valuable within a few years.

One of her favorites to give is Swarovski Crystal. Now, I am not complaining about receiving those as a gift. I think they are beautiful, delicate, and am extremely thankful to receive one as a gift, but I didn’t always think this way. You try telling a five year old they cannot play with their present.

My grandma told me a few days before that she found old collectibles in the attic which she forgot about. These were originally purchased for her youngest grandkids years ago and she wanted to give them to us now. Yes, she bought our presents in bulk. It is like that cliché of the husband that buys his wife’s presents in bulk in case he forgets an event.

The day of my birthday my grandma dropped off my Swarovski crystal and left a message saying that it was broken and she wanted to have it repaired. By this she meant she wanted me to look up ways to repair it and contact people to have it repaired.

The Swarovski I received was an angel, but both arms had broken off. After searching ways to repair it the only answer was to take it into a jeweler.

Now none of this story is that crazy yet, but get ready.

My grandma has two more crystals for my younger cousins. In a previous post I mentioned that my grandma plays favorites and my aunt’s children have always been her favorite. (Widely accepted fact in my family).

The crystals my grandma had in her closet consisted of an angel, a lady bug, and a drum. So of course my very catholic grandma gives me the angel despite the fact that she knows I am an agnostic and have been for over 10 years. Even crazier, she plans to give the lady bug to my cousin who is going to Bible School and wants to teach religion. Also keep in mind I am a biologist. She has always given me religious gifts just because I’m not religious in hopes she can sway me.

Here is the craziest part. My grandma called me recently to tell me that she is taking the crystal for my cousin to a jeweler to have it fixed because it is also broken. She proceeded to tell me “you can’t give a broken present.” All I could think was “but you gave me one.”

I think I have become desensitized to her crazy actions and just make a mental note, smile, nod, and say thank you.

If you have any crazy grandparent stories please share.

Till next time.