Let’s Talk: Graduation and The Struggles of Post-Graduation Life

Graduation is a time of joy, sadness, and uncertainties. Seeing as it is May and is the season of proms and graduation I thought it would be a good time to bring this up.

You have many graduations in your academic life and some are more important than others. That kindergarten graduation you had was probably night the highlight of your life or the even that changed everything for you. If it was… I am sorry…

Sure that eighth grade graduation was a little more symbolic. It is the first step to high school.

You High School graduation is where it changes. Most students choose to continue their education to college or some other secondary education. Other students choose to immediately start working. It’s all a very personal choice that depends on circumstance and personal drive. Either way most people are still living at home, going away to college, or relying on their parents for at least part of their funds. Especially today…

Now College graduation is on a whole other playing field. Just a couple weeks ago I experienced my very own college graduation (another zany grandmother story here). The whole experience was joyful and a hell of a lot less emotional and sappy than high school. But my gosh the existential crisis that begins immediately! What do I do now?! Where do I go?

There are so many choices to make. Do you go to Grad School or start working? The pressure begins and is deepened with every cut of the phrase “what ware you doing now?”

For me, I want to get my Masters, but it takes time and many applications to even be accepted. Right now it is a waiting game. I have already applied,  but the options are limited. I feel stuck. I know where I want to go and only applied there. I know it is not wise to do that because I basically put all my eggs in one basket. However, I also plan to commute and save money. I am already in debt from my undergraduate education. There used to be two schools with the program I want that are relatively close to where I live. Unfortunately, one of the schools (the cheaper one) lost accreditation and now I am left with one school. A school I absolutely love and am desperate to get into. I feel idiotic for applying to only one program, but what choice do I have?

Like many individuals in their early 20’s I am straight out of college with no options. Go to college they said. It will be fun they said. You’ll get a better paying job they said. ALL LIES. Here I am applying to the lowest ranking jobs in hospitals desperately trying to get into grad school. It’s either a job that you only need a high school degree or a job that requires a specialized programs degree. Every job I see for college graduates requires at least 5 years of experience to begin. Yeah an entry level job. I love this era…

On the bright side, I had the best graduation cap